What Are The Timeless Dating Tips For Men

For those who want to be in the Dating scene, either for fun or for a more serious relationship, there are some unwritten rules that should more or less be followed if you want to be successful. While there are so many changes in the scene now such as online match making sites and the likes, there are rules that been there before and are still applicable until now.

For instance, whether you go on your first date or succeeding dates, you need to always look clean and presentable. While what is inside is what truly matters eventually, the first impressions are equally important. Likewise, making your self presentable will also convey how much effort you exert and respect you have for your date. Keeping a clean look means making sure to have washed yourself well – read, take a bath before the date. You should also make sure to wear clean clothes, neat hair, and wear the right kind of attitude. This means having confidence, enough to show how reliable you can be, but not as much confidence that it borders on arrogance already. With enough confidence, you can carry out a good conversation with your date. You can discuss many interesting topics, but you can also be as fun and candid as possible. Make sure to ask questions about your date, and talk about her interests, so that it will show how much interested you are of her.

When Dating women, make sure you know how and what her body language is saying. Women are more about giving signals and less talk. Take time to see whether she is getting comfortable with you or she is already drifting to another space. Establish eye contact and see if the date is going well and you can get her number, or it is turning into another learned experience.